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American Flag made from 6,000 toy soldiers.
Valerie's work (6000 Pieces) was featured on the front page of the
Arts and Leisure section of the New York Times in January 2009.

Valerie has shown at

Argazzi Gallery in Lakeville CT.

Gunn Museum in Washington

The Pen and Brush in Manhattan NYC.
(where Morley Safer of '60 Minutes' fame, awarded her First Prize in the national exhibition curated by Mr. Safer called 'In The News')

Washington Art Association in Washington.

Katona Museum of Art. in Katona, NY.
where Nan Rosenthal awarded her Second Prize in another national exhibition called 'Contemporary Conflict'. (Nan Rosenthal was senior curator of Contemporary Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. NYC. She curated and judged the show.)

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